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All working person can be union members except personnel in MINDEF, SAF, Police, Civil Defence and CISCO.

Yes, most executives may join as union members! Since September 2002, the law has been amended to allow partial representation of executives. For more information, please refer to Industrial Relations FAQ

Membership fee is $117* a year, made in 13 separate deductions. An annual contribution of $9 to the Singapore Labour Foundation is made in December in addition to the monthly subscription.

Members could pay by check off (i.e. direct debit from salary), Giro or NTUC U Plus! Visa Card.


Month Subscription Rate
Jan - Nov S$9/month
Dec S$18

*Unless otherwise stated - rates may differ for some Companies which subsidies membership fees.

It will take typically 3 to 4 weeks upon submission of full information to the Union. To ensure that you receive your card quickly, ensure that all mandatory domains are accurately filled in. This will help us process your application quickly. The card will either be sent through your branch officials or posted directly to your mailing address.

Report to NTUC Membership Centre at 6213 8008 as soon as possible, and submit the Replacement Card Form thereafter. However, note that an administrative charge of $3.00 applies. Payment can be made with your LinkPoints, or in cash/cheque.

Yes you should! This will help us to better serve you at your new workplace (e.g during souvenir distribution) and to ensure that you can continue to receive letters and updates from us.

You can login to NTUC uPortal and update your particulars or email us.

Visit to find out the list of LinkPoint merchants. LinkPoints earned in a calendar year will expire on the 31 December of that year. However, NTUC U Plus! Visa cardholders are given an additional six months grace to redeem their points. LinkPoints not redeemed after the grace period the following year will be expired.

The membership privileges are enhanced every month. Therefore, please visit to find out your latest benefits and privileges.


No.  Entities  Treats
1  Escape Theme Park  Complimentary Admission
2  Wild Wild Wet  Complimentary Admission
3  Ferris Wheel @ E!hub  Complimentary Ride
4  Clubhouses  Complimentary Drink
5  The Spa @ Aranda  Complimentary Bath Soak

Visit here to find out the list of LinkPoint merchants and to redeem LinkPoints!
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