To effectively represent employees in the energy, utilities, power and gas industries and to be a valued partner of companies that we represent.


Our Logo

Past Logo (1995 -2011)

The color blue shows our tie-up with Singapore Power's corporate blue. Red symbolizes solidarity and brotherhood.

The logo is in the shape of the letter 'U' which stands for 'UPAGE'. The letter 'U' is made up of the red electrical flash and the blue flame symbolizing Power and Gas respectively.

The two symbols are merged to represent 'unity'. The message - we speak solidly in one voice.


Present Logo

The RED electrical flash and the BLUE flame continue to be a prominent feature of our logo, symbolizing POWER and GAS respectively. The two symbols are merged to represent UNITY.

The water droplet symbolizes our wider scope of representation to include Utilities and Energy.

In all, the logo continues to retain its „U” shape to show the COLLECTIVE STRENGTH of UPAGE.

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