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Yes, most executives may join as General Branch members. Since September 2002, the law has been amended to allow partial representation of executives.

What is the subscription rate?
Payment of membership for Divisional and General branch is made through Inter-bank GIRO monthly, at the rate of *$9 per month, plus an annual contribution of $9 to NTUC, or through cheque payment of $122 upfront, which consists of $9 per month for whole year ($9 x 12 months = $108), an annual contribution of $9 to NTUC, and $5 administration fee.

What is the NTUC Link card?
The NTUC Link card is the only smart card with so many features in a single card. It is a Bonus Point Card, CashCard and Library card. It can also be used as a membership card for NTUC, its affiliated unions and co-operatives.

Can I apply for a Supplementary NTUC Link card for my family members?
No. We do not issue supplementary NTUC Link cards.

Do I need to replace the NTUC Link card annually?
No. The card is valid for 5 years from the issue date on the card. However, it will be invalidated if you subsequently cease to be a member of NTUC, its affiliated unions or co-operatives. You will then, not be able to enjoy the benefits offered to members.

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